Even though the first vintage from Clos de Chacras is from 2004, it was built on 1921 and was part of a larger project called “Bodegas y Viñedos Gargantini”.

The first generation of the Gargantini family arrived to Argentina from Switzerland at the end of the 19th century. Originally, they lived in the Italian-speaking city of Ticino.

It was in Mendoza where Don Bautista Gargantini (second generation) succeeded in creating the greatest winemaking project at that time.
Over the years, the three wineries that belonged to this company switched hands a few times until they were abandoned at the end of the 70’s. Then in 1987, Bautista´s granddaughter, Silvia Gargantini, bought one of the wineries to take back the family business and to honor his work.

Silvia and her husband, Alejandro Genoud decided to restore the building while preserving the original architecture; they added new technology to produce high quality wines.

The Genoud family is also part of local winemaking history because Alejandro´s great-grandfather, engineer Cesar Cipolletti, contributed in creating a better and more effective irrigation system in Mendoza. This system allowed people to cultivate in regions where it was previously impossible.

As the descendants of this visionary families, Silvia and Alejandro possesed the skills to produce high quality wines. Their work and the work of their families represents the message they intended to pass on to new generations: love for their land and its fruits.