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Gran Estirpe Blend

This is the top tier limited edition wine. The vineyards of Gran Estirpe have low yields and outstanding concentration making for an elegant complex wine.

Malbec edición aniversarioMalbecCabernet SauvignonBlend

This wine shows a deeply intense colour with bright red tints. Rich, complex, and aromatic on the nose, a characteristic attained by its careful growing and winemaking processes. The Malbec (65%) from Chacras de Coria, Luján de Cuyo, provides sweet aromas of flowers and ripe plum; the Cabernet Franc (15%) and Merlot (20%) from Uco Valley provide spicy flavours of pepper, aromatic herbs and sweet red pepper. After a few minutes of aeration, the vanilla and leather notes of the oak interweave with the delicate fruitiness that reminds us of chewing gum and fresh cherry. The finely grained tannins lift the sweetness, roundness, and elegance of this well structured wine. Subtle and long-lasting taste on the mouth, leaving hints of fresh grape for several minutes.

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