The family owned winery produces high quality tiers and offers a unique experience of wine tourism and gastronomy in the original stablishment built in 1921.

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Clos de Chacras is a family owned boutique winery that produces high quality wines. Its internationally renownded wine tiers are: Cavas de Crianza, Eredità, Ida C, Gran Estirpe and Memorias de Ida.


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Clos de Chacras restó

Our fusion cuisine merges two different styles: classic and regional.
To create the menu, our chef carefully selects each ingredient. Therefore, the menu includes different elements such as: vegetables in season, dried fruits, olive oil, red and white meat, seafood and other artisan ingredients produced in Mendoza.

During lunch, the restaurant offers a three course and a seven course menu paired with our wines. For dinner the menú is a la carte.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the experience indoors in a room that preserves the original architecture from 1921. Outdoors, they can savor the tasty dishes sitting on the deck with views of the Koil pond and the Malbec vineyards.

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